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DKF Amsterdam 2023

DKF Amsterdam 2023

14. November 2023

DKF Amsterdam 2023: Shaping the Future of Finance

Amsterdam, November 14, 2023 – DKF proudly announces the success of DKF Amsterdam 2023, its inaugural event in the Benelux region. The conference, held on November 14th, marked a significant leap beyond the D-A-CH region, offering an immersive experience that delved into pertinent topics impacting the market data and financial services industry.

Post a welcome with refreshments, attendees kicked off the day with seamless registration, setting the stage for a day of insightful discussions on multiple topics. René van Vlerken, Euronext Amsterdam set the tone of the event with an eloquent opening.

This set the stage for further discussions on diverse topics such Sustainability Regulation by Rebecca Palmer of ICE, Implementation of a SaaS Market Data Platform within organisations by BIQH. There was enlightening discourse on Future of Market Data terminals, front to Client Integration, next Generation of Market data professionals amongst other topics with TRG Screen,, Deloitte, Morningstar and others participated in.

With a transformational shift emergence of new technologies and AI has brought, the panel discussion hosted by Alexis Eisenhofer ( talked about Disruptions and Innovations in the financial services industry with eminent professionals such as Julie Zhou (CBOE), Mike Hodgson (Euronext), and Martijn Groot (Alveotech) contributing their input.

The inaugural DKF Satellite event was brought to a close with a lively networking session, allowing attendees to connect over fine wines and share their experiences. Anja Hohenacker of TRG encapsulated the event fittingly “DKF Amsterdam 2023 exceeded my expectations. The diverse agenda and the panel provided valuable insights into the future of the financial industry. What better way to wrap up the event than with wine tasting amongst peers and colleagues.”

Following up the success of DKF 2023 with DKF Amsterdam, DKF seems incline to extend its legacy to geographies beyond the D-A-CG region.

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Euronext Office – Beusplein 5 (1012 JW), Amsterdam

14. November 2023
13:00 Uhr - 19:30 Uhr

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