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Trust and consistency remain the cornerstones for all transactions in the financial industry, unlike the consumer space where the end user is fickle and willing to switch with the smallest of incentives.

As categorization becomes more acute in a rapidly evolving financial industry, knowing who to trust is an issue in all industries. Anticipating industry trends to stay ahead of the competition and generate significant appropriate returns for stakeholders adds complexity. With the ever-increasing need to make new connections in order to learn from them, collaborate with them, do business and grow together, meeting the right companies is often an arduous task.


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The event is jointly organized by TRG Screen Markets and financial.com.

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Munich Finance Forum (MFF)

For decades, the best ideas for improving decision-making processes in asset management have thrived on the threshold between financial market research and investment practice. The Münchner Finance Forum e.V. has made it its mission to promote education in the field of finance at the Munich financial center.

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Kapitalmarkt Kolloquium

Kapitalmarkt Kolloquium event series offers challenging presentations and interesting networking opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere.

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