3rd Münchner Kapitalmarkt Kolloquium Malgorzata Gosia January 20, 2023

3rd Münchner Kapitalmarkt Kolloquium

Kapitalmarkt Kolloquium Addresses opportunities in Sustainability with Regnan & GGX

Continuing further discussion on Sustainability and impact investing post COP27, the 3rd Capital Market Colloquium, held on 18th January 2023, was host to impactful conversations on opportunities in the green space.

One of the first events for the year set the ball rolling by continuing the conversation on sustainability with the theme for the event being ‘
Sustainable Finance: Accelerating the Green Transition across Instruments and Opportunities

The 3rd Colloquium to be organised in the Bavarian capital had JO Hambro Capital Management addressed the immense opportunities in effective Water management and threw light on the work done under their brand
. Saurabh Sharma (Fund Manager, Regnan) offered interesting key insights to the attendees.

Martin Raabe, of Global Green Xchange shared his perspective on the impact of ESG Ratings, ESG Data and Regulations on the Asset Management Industry.

With an intimate setting (at the Franziskaner an der Oper) including notable personalities from the asset management industry around the D-A-CH region, guests were able to have deeper conversations over dinner and drinks. According to Ralf Lemster of Ralf Lemster Financial Translations GmbH, “It is good to diminish barriers and get to know about the stellar work done by organizations. Equally interesting was the social seating structure to induce people to connect with people beyond their network.”

The event also marked the beginning of a line of events scheduled over the year from financial.com, with the next event being the DKF , scheduled on 8 & 9th of May ,2023 being host to players in the market data space with themes across Market Data Products & Solutions, Reference Data Management & Feeds, Investment & Portfolio Management Trends, FinTech Offerings & Blockchain Developments for Capital Markets Industry, Sustainable Finance, Energy Markets & Market Data

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